Warsong Hold

Posted on 06. Jul, 2009 by in Northrend

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Description: Another amazing animated World Of Warcraft screensaver with music and ambient sound! The view here is of Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra, this is the one of the Horde starting areas in Wrath Of The Lich King! Due to many users requesting music on their screensaver we have decided to add it to all of our screensavers from this point on. All older screensavers will be updated one by one to support this feature. We look forward to hearing what you have to say, please leave us a comment or contact us!

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7 Responses to “Warsong Hold”

  1. budgallant

    15. Jul, 2009

    Awesome. Love the music.

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  2. kalle21

    10. Sep, 2009

    Music? What Music?

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      11. Sep, 2009

      Hi kalle21,
      There’s music and ambient sound on the screen saver. If you’re unable to hear it, it could be from a computer problem relating to either software, drivers or lac of codecs to run the screen saver properly. The version does display 1.0 by mistake however, it should be 1.5 as it does contain music and ambient sound. I have downloaded it from here to make sure it’s the right branch of the software and tested it on two computers and it runs fine.

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  3. azoooris

    03. Nov, 2009

    i love it nice work

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  4. WarGamer

    26. Feb, 2010

    Nice work

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  5. DaltonU

    17. Aug, 2010

    FOR THE HORDE! ahh…. love your work!

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  6. enzoedwards1

    17. Jul, 2012

    I dont realy like the sound could you have a mute dounload option

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