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Description: This screensaver looks like a scene from the movie 300 doesn’t it? The leaping dwarf going for the giant. What a beautiful animated World Of Warcraft screensaver. Thunderfall is located just to the north of Frostfield Lake in the eastern reaches of Storm Peaks. King Jokkum says: ” As the great explosion filled the reagion, my father cast a rune on the great hammer that it might not be had by our enemies. It was his final act… ” In it is a scene of frozen storm giants and attackers. The spectacle was created when Thorim, in a fit of rage, tossed his Hammer. One of our members requested Storm Peaks screensavers, so here’s the first of a few releases for The Storm Peaks series. Suggestions? Comments? Need help? Leave a comment below or contact us!

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6 Responses to “Thunderfall”

  1. nyctanessa

    30. Jul, 2009

    I’d like to see a Storm Peaks screensaver using that “LotR-ish” music that you get in some parts of the zone.

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  2. Fcukngabbana

    16. Aug, 2009

    How can i make this my screensaver? ^_^

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      16. Aug, 2009

      It’s actually very easy. After you register you will see a download link, download the screensaver you want and unzip the .exe file. Once you have done that double click on the .exe file to open it and follow the instructions on screen. After the screensaver installs it will automatically open your screensaver tab in Windows so you can adjust the settings, set the timer etc. If you need further help please email me and I’ll try my best to help you out.

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  3. Tarmatha Shaw

    27. Aug, 2010

    I cried when I first came to this place…it’s so…touching…..

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  4. ROHAM

    20. Oct, 2010

    you shoud use better song for storm peak places you must fly in storm peak soo you see it and can find hotest and amazing song ….

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      27. Oct, 2010

      Good idea, I am going to redesign a few of them and moving to making them all HD. Once I do this I might change some of them around…stay posted!

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