Howling Fjord Sky

Posted on 27. Jun, 2009 by in Northrend

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Description: Due to popular demand by our World Of Warcraft fans, we have released our first ever music and zone ambient based screen saver! This animated World Of Warcraft screen saver shows Howling Fjord at midnight with the beautiful glowing sky above! We love the way this turned out and we hope you love it too! As always your feedback is important to us! We look forward to your emails and comments below!

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84 Responses to “Howling Fjord Sky”

  1. johnvines

    04. Oct, 2011

    lady sylvanis with her music please

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  2. Delicious

    19. Dec, 2011

    I Love the Music from this Screensaver <3

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  3. cypher99

    22. Feb, 2012

    Oh my god… Im almost crying to have this… Its beautiful!!! I love it, especially with aurora on the sky… Man, GOOD JOB!!! Thumbs UP!!! 5/5
    ^ ^

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  4. bakabaka7

    15. Mar, 2013


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  5. dromulio

    12. Jun, 2013

    doesnt work with mac!

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  6. Ashnobe

    26. Jul, 2013

    Hello:) I cant get through those damned surveys (tho they are more like adds and it cost me about 4euro). Could you please post another download link? -.- thank you very much, its just beautiful…

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      26. Jul, 2013

      Hello Ashnobe,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. There a few downloads that require you to complete a free survey to download. These surveys don’t cost you any money ( they’re all free ) but they do help support the site and future development. I was actually very close to shutting this site down because it costs me quiet a bit to keep it up, lot’s of data used daily ( huge data use monthly ) and I never made anyone pay for anything it’s always been free. Rather than shutting this entire operation down I decided to randomly add some SUPPORT THE SITE type downloads on some of the screensavers so that people can not only still get what they want for free, but by taking less than 3 mins of their time filling up a free survey they help and support the site. Please let me know which survey is requesting payments, it should give you a few options and they should all be free 🙂

      (Aug 7, 2013 Update)

      Recently I have removed this survey to download feature as I got many emails from fans from Europe telling me about the survey’s forcing them to download software that can possibly be Mal-ware. As you all know, I am 100% against this and have come up with a better solution to be able to fund the site so it can support itself. The new model is Pay what you want! You can pay $0 ( Free ) or $1 or more if you wish to get a download link to the file and download it! I believe this option is better in the long term and hopefully people will support freeware!


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  7. Leah

    07. Nov, 2014

    I love this screensaver, I downloaded it a few years back on my other laptop. When I got my new one recently, this was something I couldn’t live without regardless of the fact that I stopped play WoW over 18 months ago. This is one area of the game that I always missed since I couldn’t afford to play. If I had nothing better to do, I would sit in Howling Fjord and watch the sky. I even have Howling Fjords music on my cell phone for when I’m in need of a tranquil mood.

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  8. Leah

    07. Nov, 2014

    Can you make these Windows 8 compatible?

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