Aug 7rd, 2013 Update

Pay What You Want To Download!

Alright people! I have come up with a new and exciting way to be able to support the site while allowing us to stay Survey free ( and not be forced to download junk ) It’s called Pay What You Want to download! You now see at the bottom of every screensaver a place for you to put your email and how much you wish to pay for the download. There’s no minimum amount, if you put zero it will download for free ( as I still like to provide it for free, but I do appreciate if you could support us by donating anything as there are no minimums set )  or put in whatever amount you want! $1.00, $10.00, etc… This way you can help support the site and support free screensavers for long time to come! The email’s are not collected at all and are only used to send you the encrypted link via PayPal! I hope this method proves to work better than “Survey To Download” method and makes the community show me how much they support us!

Have a good week and visit soon as we’re getting ready to release some new Animated Screensavers soon!


Aug 5rd, 2013 Update

Premium Content Survey’s disabled for now!

This week, in order to try and make this site self funding ( not profit, just fund itself monthly ) I came up with the solution of turning on “Premium Content Survey’s” so users would simply do a survey to download the screensaver. Some of my users brought to my attention that in their country they’re faced with garbage mal-ware infested prompts which as you all know I do not support. I have always made the highest of attempts to keep things as clean  as possible ( that means even turning away advertising requests from gold selling sites ) The Premium Content will be disabled for now until I figure out a better way to come up with a solution to make this cool little project self funding. In the meantime I do appreciate all your support and hope you can continue to support this cool little project for years to come!

Thank you fans!

Sept 3rd, 2012 Update

And we’re back!

After a long break I’m back and ready to design more amazing World Of Warcraft Screensavers. Waiting for Mists Of Pandaria to release so I can explore the new world. I was not too impressed with Cata, I hope MoP does a better job at visuals, music, etc…we will see!

May 26 2011 Update

Yes this project is still ALIVE!

-First let me say SORRY to all of our fans about the lack of updates in recent months. First, as many of you World Of Warcraft fans, I was busy playing World Of Warcraft Cataclysm and was having too much fun so I kinda sorta maybe didn’t upload or make new World Of Warcraft Animated Screensavers for you guys to enjoy. Shortly after the release I had few real life issues I have to / still have to deal with so I have been busy and unable to design more Animated World Of Warcraft Screensavers for you guys! But I am almost done with my real life stuff and I will return to making some very nice, HIGH DEF, Animated World Of Warcraft Cataclysm Screensavers for you all to enjoy!

-One small issue I have now; My host will not allow me to send more than 500 emails out at a time and the script used for this site is kinda dumb and will not allow me to send X many emails out per hour so it does not flood the server cap. So the current script, like a silly gnome, attempts to send 11k emails out and clearly is unable to so only 500 people get updates and the other 10500 have no idea what’s going on. One way I tried to help everyone get updates is by allowing you to install a toolbar that’s spyware/adware free and not harmful to you at all. This toolbar would allow me to send a message to everyone regarding updates on this site. It is optional for you to get this, if you want it you can get it by clicking HERE and then you will be able to stay updated with the new cool releases.

So anyways, soon you shall enjoy more pwnage!

Sept 24 2010 Update

OMG Plugin Fail!

-So the plugin I use for my contact form crashed during an update! I failed to verify the site when the update was done and did not realize it was not showing up due to this error. Everything is fixed now and good to go! Sorry for the downtime and I hope you enjoy the amazing World Of Warcraft Animated Screensavers!

PS: More awesome screensavers coming soon!

May 7 2010 Update

Toolbar go! Stay updated!

-Now you may enjoy the benefits of staying up to date with all the current screensaver releases with our new toolbar! I did a lot of research to make sure the toolbar would be 100% secure and safe for my users and you can trust me when I say it’s just as safe and clean as my screensavers. Now you can see all updates via RSS on the toolbar, listen to music while you play your games and best of all, play free multi-player games while you wait for your server to come up 😉 Hope you enjoy it.

April 17 2010 Update

Over 5000! has reached over 5000 active members and now has over 15,500 downloads! Please remember to donate and help me keep this project running!

March 04 2010 Update

Listed on DMOZ!

-I’m excited to announce that we are now listed on Dmoz, Dmoz is the Internet’s largest directory system!!

Feb 14 2010 Update

IE issues with both 7 and 8!

-I’ve fixed the bug that did not allow for IE 7 and 8 to load the page correctly.

October 19 2009 Update

Got a bad flu!

-It has been very crazy the last fives days. I got one of the most hardcore flu’s ever! I don’t usually get sick, maybe once every five or six years and usually once I do I get better within two days, but whatever this flu was lasted so far a week and it’s still going! I’m pretty sure it’s the H1N1 virus because I have never had a flu last longer than two days! I’m getting better now, it’s not as bad as the first three days. I will make some new cool screensavers once I’m better.

July 29 2009 Update

Too hot to work!

-So there’s a crazy heatwave and it’s way too hot to work in my office. I am not a fan of doing any graphic design or any type of “work” on my notebook other than to browse around and check emails. As soon as it cools down a bit I will start uploading some new screensavers I have made and also work on a few new ones. You may always contact me via contact section or leave me a comment. I wish all stores were not sold out of portable AC’s…

July 24 2009 Update

Updating World Of Warcraft Screensavers

-Alright so I’m on the ball here updating a bunch of screensavers to add both ambient sound and music which I will upload tomorrow. While I do this I’m also refreshing the way we’re going to display our screensavers. Visitors can now see a 20 second preview of the actual screensaver with music and everything, if they like it they can download it. This should help you out incase you’re unsure about a specific screensaver. Please remember that music wise you only hear a short clip of the entire music the screensaver has to offer. Some screensavers offer two or even three different songs, others offer two. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to drop a comment or email us.

July 18 2009 Update

Updated World Of Warcraft Screensavers

-We updated three screensavers and added music/ambient sound to them: The Dark Portal, Thunder Bluff 1, Above River’s Heart.

New Screensaver!

-We have made a brand new screensaver: Rivers Heart. We’re also working on a bunch of new ones and will upload them weekly while we still update older screensavers to add music and ambient sound.

Odd thing…

-We see 250 to 300 unique visitors a day and the numbers keep growing, however, it seems that many are afraid to download our screensavers or think they’re fake! Our 125 members will tell them otherwise, clearly, but it’s odd to see so many people browse our site and not download our product. We are working on a few ideas to fix this issue, one is to actually put live previews of the screensaver instead of snapshots on our pages. Another is to get members speaking out about our product in the game or with guildies and such, our members all know our products are safe and contain nothing that can harm you or steal anything from you! So let’s spread the word WoW lovers!

July 11 2009 Update

-We are adding ambient sounds and music to our older screen saver files plus working on some new ones! Woot woot…

June 7 2009 Update

-We are uploading our Wrath of The Lich King screensaver collection.