Thunder Bluff 1

Posted on 07. Jun, 2009 by in Kalimdor

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Description: A wonderful view of Thunder Bluff, the Tauren city. If you’re a Tauren, or simply enjoy the beautiful design of Thunder Bluff you will love this animated World Of Warcraft screensaver. We have upgraded the screensaver to add music and ambient sound! We are very pleased with how it turned out, what do you think? Suggestions? Comments? Need help? Leave a comment or contact us!

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22 Responses to “Thunder Bluff 1”

  1. sred13

    03. Aug, 2009

    As a proud moo-cow, I love Thunder Bluff so much, downloaded, installed, I love it!

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  2. luuk

    16. Aug, 2009

    where do i downlaod it i cant find the button

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      16. Aug, 2009

      Hi Luuk,
      You must first register to see the download link. This is done to control bandwidth at the moment. Go to and register. After you register go to your email and click on the activation link, some email providers will put automated emails in your spam box so check your spam box if you don’t see any emails after about one minute. Once you register, you will see the download links and can download all you want. Hope this helps.

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  3. wweduff

    15. Nov, 2009

    Moo… are u happy now?

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  4. wweduff

    15. Nov, 2009

    awesome work i have to say… is there any subscribe system? cause i can’t find one…

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  5. Graardor_of_Bloodscalp

    17. Jan, 2010

    Here’s the beef! =p

    Taurens FTW!

    Only thing I don’t like about this screen saver is that I was hoping for maybe an overview of the city.

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  6. Dysfunktional

    17. Jan, 2010

    For the Horde!!!

    I have an 80 druid myself. this screen saver is just cool. Although I wish it would of given an overview of the city.

    Good work though.

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  7. ralfbell

    10. Feb, 2010

    awesome ! I like the thunder bluff. it is a feast to my eye/

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  8. Conanbot

    23. Feb, 2010

    Mooo ^.^

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  9. hector

    12. Apr, 2010

    the horde rock im am a level 9 taruen druid and im called bloodrider

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  10. Wowmastern

    23. Apr, 2010

    Very Nice πŸ˜€

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  11. lukeg12345

    27. Jun, 2010

    you should have a screensaver of two people fighting or maybe have this but have the camera running through the city streets it would be sweet :L

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  12. postblitz

    06. Sep, 2010

    ………. /““ OO)……..
    ………/ |____– …….moo

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  13. wowaddict

    09. Apr, 2011

    my favorite screensaver! I love the peaceful city, the clouds, the breeze….so wonderful!

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  14. AStrickler

    02. Aug, 2011

    When I try to open up the file once I download the file it gives me a message that says, “The Compressed (zipped) Folder ‘C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\’ is invalid.” Can someone please help me by either replying here or emailing me at

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  15. Thevikingjohn

    14. Mar, 2013

    The problem with these screensavers are that you dont wanna move the mouse because then the beautiful screensavers go away. Thanks a lot man, i love all of them

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