Temple Of The Moon

Posted on 07. Jun, 2009 by in Kalimdor

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Description: Hard at work here and just updated yet another gorgeous animated screensaver. This is a view from inside Darnassus, The Temple Of The Moon. This should be very popular with any Night Elf or if you simply love relaxing music with ambient sound. After some hard digital work, I decided to add the waterfall sound effect because I felt it would make things even better, and it did! I hope you enjoy this updated version of the screensaver. Suggestions? Comments? Need help? Leave a comment below or contact us!

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45 Responses to “Temple Of The Moon”

  1. noob3001

    24. Jul, 2009

    need more alliance based screensavers

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      24. Jul, 2009

      Hi noob3001,
      I agree! We’ll get right on it and first, redo Temple of the Moon and other Alliance based screensavers to add sound, and once we do that we will do up Ironforge, Stormwind and other Alliance areas…We will be sure to email everyone once this happens!
      FOR THE HORDE…jk!

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  2. bbr

    29. Jul, 2009

    How is this not an alliance screensaver? o_O

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  3. fish

    31. Jul, 2009

    Amazing screensaver !!

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  4. Grakos

    02. Aug, 2009

    I like this one, reminds me of druids. Druids have moonglade zone but nothing in moonglade looks as cool as this.

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  5. mimoto

    10. Aug, 2009

    <3 only this …

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  6. shonubi

    18. Aug, 2009

    can u make a druid screensaver 😀 ….u can also make race or class screensavers 😀

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  7. Kumaxl

    25. Aug, 2009

    Man all of these are so excellent! I love this idea and your website. Best find I have made in some time. 🙂

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      26. Aug, 2009

      Hi Kumaxl,
      Thank you for your comment! Be sure to spread the word so others may enjoy my work too!

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    • rachaelg33

      10. Apr, 2011

      Best Site I’ve Found In Years, Came Across It By Chance, Love It, Be Cool If U Could Do A Screen Saver Of The Inside Of The Exador 🙂

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  8. peanut

    30. Aug, 2009

    Odd… I seem to be experiencing this with almost all the screensavers. The animation speed is very slow (compared to what I see in the previews), and it ruins the harmony of the scene.

    Is there anything I could do for this to be fixed?

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  9. PrincessWanda

    01. Oct, 2009

    ***Beautiful work***

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  10. hibaris

    01. Nov, 2009

    Best screensavers ever period.

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  11. knucklehead

    20. Nov, 2009

    so nice screensaver!!! can u please make a deathknight animated…just like in the lichking official site..??

    and i observe that most of the screensavers are wow environment…ahm i was wondering if u can try races,heroes or cahracters..^_^

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      21. Nov, 2009

      Hi knucklehead,
      Yeah I can do that 😉 I’ll work on some, no promise on release time tho, busy with other things atm…keep checking the site or wait for an email update when I do release them!
      I’m glad you enjoy the screensavers. Cheers.

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  12. clockehx

    09. Dec, 2009

    This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you very much for making these. 😀

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  13. davinciii31

    28. Jan, 2010

    Thanks for making this one, this is one of may favorite places to be in the game. awesome!

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  14. sassikatt24

    18. Feb, 2010

    these screensavers are awesome….:)

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  15. Tandred

    22. Mar, 2010

    How do you make it your screensaver?

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  16. andicous

    29. May, 2010

    I ABSOLUTELY adore this! Thank you!!! ^^

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  17. battlerussia

    25. Aug, 2010

    I love elvish stuff XD

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  18. wowaddict

    13. Sep, 2010

    great job, thank you!

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  19. AllyKitty

    07. Dec, 2010

    This is nice. I like how there is some music in the background but the water effect sound is wonderful! I was thinking, you should make more Night elf stuff like, a full front shot of the Temple of the moon with some music in the background with some bird noises. Idk really just make more night elvish stuff! xD

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  20. Milfer

    16. Jan, 2011

    please make a darnassus screen saver

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  21. elaineb64

    22. Jan, 2011

    wont download for me shame

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  22. Zolkesh

    19. Feb, 2011

    this is amazing looking forward to a malestrum screensaver

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  23. Gorlok

    06. Mar, 2011

    nice work!

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  24. mjr

    15. Mar, 2011

    1 word


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  25. Chillez

    23. Mar, 2011

    AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work!

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  26. rachaelg33

    10. Apr, 2011

    Btw Just To Say, Can U Please Upload All Of Your Preview Videos In The Same Format, As Some I Can Download Via FLW Format, & The Others It Won’t Let Me Download 🙁

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  27. rachaelg33

    10. Apr, 2011

    This Is The Best Site I’ve Seen In… Well Ever Really, I Came Across It By Chance & I’m Sooo Glad I Found It, Love All Of The Screen Savers, There Sooo Awesome, Be Cool If U Could Do A Few Screen Savers Of The Inside Of Each City, Be Totally Awesome 🙂

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  28. rachaelg33

    10. Apr, 2011

    Sorry In My Post I Said Video Formats Of FLW I Meant To Say FLV Soz 🙂

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      14. Apr, 2011

      Hi rachaelg33,

      I’m happy you like my site, welcome and enjoy the screensavers 😉 What do you mean you can’t download them? You should be able to download all my work so long as you register with the site. The link will show up “DOWNLOAD” you click on it and install the screensaver, set it up the way you want and it’s done. Are you having issues figuring this out? If so I can try to help you out more.

      Have a great one!

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  29. Lazander

    18. Jun, 2011

    Thanks to this screensaver
    I actually sleep like a baby when i have it on.

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  30. saphthedruid93

    31. Jul, 2011

    Wow, this is a beautiful work of animation here! I am excited to download it and replace my screensaver! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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  31. travissimo@q.com

    03. Nov, 2011

    Wish i knew how to do this! But you do it so good id never make anything close! so ill just use this!! great job… you should do something CATA related. there is only one, could you possibly make the login screen for cata a screen saver? if its not possible thats ok but i think i would totally use it!!

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  32. Kandi

    11. Sep, 2012

    Love screen savers all beautiful and the music is an amazing touch….. Have you guys thought about making class based screen savers?

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  33. jazzz

    27. Sep, 2015

    I was just getting ready to donate, as I was using these screensavers, and they quit working.

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