Germany: The Best Tourist Guide

Germany is probably one of the richest countries in Europe on the planet. There are so many attractions in Germany.

Depending on your taste and what you want to see, you will find many things to experience there. The capital of the state is Berlin. The region was divided into two parts; The division is the former Berlin Wall. Germany was partly capitalist, partly communist.

This is not a very surprising factor, since most of the founders of communism come from Germany. Germany was reunited shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990.

The country is awash with such an amazing backdrop, and you will find so many ways to are some of the Best Travel Destinations In Germany

Cologne Cathedral

It is known that this is one of the most visited tourist attractions in all of Germany. The cathedral is over 600 years old and its impressive architecture is still visible. It conveys a gothic atmosphere that is always impressive. It is said that this cathedral protects the remains of three wise men who visited Jesus in childhood in a crib.


This is definitely a castle that was built by King Ludwig II and is located next to the most impressive mountain range in Bavaria, the Alps. It is believed that this is a fabulous castle, which is regularly visited by many tourists. It is also the main source of inspiration for the magical kingdom of Sir Walt Disney, the landmark of Disney World, Disney Castle.

Heidelberg castle

Every tourist should never miss a quick visit to this historical monument. Of course, it is believed that this is one of the most fantastic tourist attractions in the world, and the city of Heidelberg is what will captivate you with its charm.

checkpoint charlie

This border crossing point was developed in 1962 and has one of the most famous tourist attractions in Germany – the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie Museum. Here you can see the history of the Berlin Wall and an exhibition about the division of the city. Each historical artifact, which is of great importance for Germany and its individuals, is stored and exhibited here.

Saxony Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland is one of the areas that should never be missed by any vacationer who wants to visit Germany, given that there are the most famous places in the region, the Saxon Switzerland National Park. Heading to the park, you will be amazed at the magnificence of the landscape, which will steal your heart and awaken your imagination. Of course, you should never forget to bring a camera with you so you can take pictures of the spectacular cliffs, gorges and rocks in the area.

Berlin and Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate was built in the 1730s and over time saw many ascents and descents of Berlin. Until the 20th century, Bonaparte’s invasion of Napoleon was one of the most important points that guarded the Brandenburg Gate. Napoleon ordered that Quadriga, or the image of a cart with four horses, be demolished and delivered to Paris.

He was returned to Germany only at the end of the 20th century. The Brandenburg Gate is still proud today, and you can take a walk in the area where Napoleon Bonaparte himself walked.

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