UnderCity Canals

Posted on 12. Sep, 2009 by in Eastern Kingdoms

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Description: I’ve taken a few weeks off and now i’m back with new amazing animated World Of Warcraft screensavers for you guys 😉 For all you brain eating, FOR THE FORSAKEN! fans, I just finished up work on a pretty dope Undercity Canal animated screen saver! I’ll be uploading a few more today from UnderCity including my favorite one from the Lordaeron Throne! This was also a members suggestion but little did they know I had already made it ages ago just did not post it yet. I hope you enjoy this release.

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5 Responses to “UnderCity Canals”

  1. Malikith

    02. Oct, 2009

    I would really like to see a Screensaver of Sylvanas and her Banshees singing “Highborne Lament”. IS that possible?

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    • mufasamufasa

      19. Sep, 2011

      sylvanas screensver would be super sweet PLZ hook me up

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  2. Mentalman1990

    05. Feb, 2010

    This one is my favorite so far 😀 UC has always been my capitol of choice and this one really gives you the feeling of a dead city. Good work 😀

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  3. JBlade

    02. Apr, 2010

    Should have like random Horde running around. Pretty sweet. UC is my fav capital. I always get lost in the other cities.

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  4. Fockewulf8

    09. May, 2010

    very nice screen savers. have you thought about doing a one for Sylvannas? 🙂

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