Lordaeron Throne

Posted on 12. Sep, 2009 by in Eastern Kingdoms

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Description: Lordaeron Throne animated World Of Warcraft screensaver is here. This awesome release has very small animation, a very cool angel and most awesome of all, you get to hear the “speech” between Arthas and King Terenas! To those from Alliance this will be a great treat if you have never heard it before. Hordies who are new or maybe never really stood in the middle of the room to hear this ambient sound will also get a kick out of it. If you have never seen the Warcraft III Cinematic “Arthas’ Betrayal” that still plays in the room today, check out this video.

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13 Responses to “Lordaeron Throne”

  1. gamigirl2003

    18. Sep, 2009

    I really love this one! I can see how it wouldn’t be that great from an animated perspective (all you got is dust and torches), but I have always loved the throne room just for the subtle nuances Blizz put into it (i.e. all the whisperings from warcraft 3 – and even the blood trail from when the King was killed)

    As I said, I love this one! Thanks a ton! Keep up the amazing work!

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  2. Hellscream

    29. Nov, 2009

    One of the best! The Forsaken theme. 🙂 love it!!!

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  3. davinciii31

    28. Jan, 2010

    Yeah right on, just needs some dust particles ,other that that awesome!

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  4. ralfbell

    10. Feb, 2010

    nice perspective

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  5. Angolmagyar

    24. Jun, 2010

    haha, “Yet prisoners they are, good king” “what is the meaning of this, who are you” i want that screensaver, with only arthas and his dads talking :'(

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  6. battlerussia

    25. Aug, 2010

    Truly magnificent….I miss when there was a king, and I hope there in the future will my Dark Lady be sitting.

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  7. Angolmagyar

    09. Nov, 2010

    thats a good one.. arthas and king therenas (arthas’ father) can be heard in it.. but the part that u can hear is only terenas… “yet… prisoners they are, good king…. what is the meaning of this… who are you?” thats all but kewl 😉

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  8. GloryToTheAlliance

    04. Jul, 2011

    Dwarf Alliance Ironforge Please…like the forge would be cool, or thew front gate!! with magni statue! Or even the crystalized Magni WOOO! thatd be cool! DWARVES FTW!

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  9. Coalhart

    31. Jul, 2011

    Dang.. i love it. but none of these screen savers will download onto my windows 7 for some reason =/

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      24. Aug, 2011

      EDIT: THE PROBLEM WITH DOWNLOADED CORRUPT FILES WAS FIXED! This was just an error due to .htaccess adding a double header to the zip files and making Apache double compress each download! ENJOY!

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  10. Linda87

    20. Sep, 2011

    I so like that throne room tbh, cause of the echoes from the past between Arthas and Terenas, would be cool if you could manage to make another version of this screensaver, but with their dialouge. But still, this screensaver is nicely done =)

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  11. Sentin3l

    16. May, 2012

    Is there a reason my firewall detected malware on this file?

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    • WarcraftScreensavers

      17. May, 2012

      Hello Sentin3l,

      It’s a false positive. None of these files have anything in them other than the screensaver file and program. They do edit registry in order to run *obviously* and some software, if poorly coded or set on too high of “protection” will detect something from a simple installation. This site has been around for many years, over 13k members and over 25k downloads. Believe me, none of the files contain anything that will harm you, steal info, install malware or anything like that. Site is also scanned by Google Malware and other Anti-Virus sites and show it to also be clean. In the end however it is your choice to run the application or not. I can assure you it is safe but if you feel your firewall software is 100% correct then don’t run it.

      Have a good day!


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