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What is WarcraftScreensavers.com?

WarcraftScreensavers.com is a fan built site for fans of World Of Warcraft! Our website is fun, safe, and makes it easy to download screensavers. Our screensavers are the professionally designed by us and are exclusively available at our site.

WarcraftScreensavers.com provides an easy, fun, and safe way to download free animated World Of Warcraft screensavers. Each piece of content on WarcraftScreensavers.com is tested for quality and to ensure the content is clean.

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Are the screensavers really free?

Yes. The screensavers are absolutely free to download and use.

We provide free screensavers as a way to share our love of the game with you and attempt to generate revenue from affiliates to keep making more free animated World Of Warcraft screensavers for free!

Do you play Alliance or Horde?

We play on….FOR THE HORDE! But that’s alright, Alliance are welcome to download our screen savers too! But you must give us gnomes every night for dinner! 😉

We hope you enjoy our screen savers and look forward to reading your comments and feedback regarding our work!